Sunday, 30 June 2013

Poppy Lots Of Teeth

I discovered that Pops has a top molar to go with two bottom molars by her putting my finger in her mouth and clamping down. Ouch.

Speaking of teeth, here's this amazing picture of a child's skull before the adult teeth have grown through. No wonder teething hurts!

Saturday, 29 June 2013

A 4 Year Old's Logic

I'm unsure whether it's born from greed or is pure logic which will stand him in good stead for a future career as philosopher extraordinaire (wait, what do you mean there aren't any philosophy jobs?!), but Pix has been showing amazing reasoning skills.

Following on from deciding to invite Santa to his birthday party (so he'll get presents, natch), he decided that he'd like to have his very own robot Santa, who could make him toys whenever he wanted. And also make me cups of tea without me having to get up. Genius child.

Given the choice between spending his £1 pocket money at the toy shop or the sweet shop he decided that he would buy a toy that makes sweets. This boy is going to go far. (He actually got a wind-up alien which is almost but not quite, as cool).

Watching Harry Potter yesterday he raised a very good point: how can Harry see through the invisibility cloak? The cloak isn't invisible... I've not thought of that and I've known about invisibility cloaks since 1998.